We plan to capitalize on our work  thus far by creating the
Man O’ War Center

at Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

This new Center will be jointly directed by Dr. Yuval Neria and Dr. Prudence Fisher.  The center’s mission is to advance the promising field of EAT by coordinating and carrying out many initiatives.

 Center’s initiatives include:

Training other sites/programs serving veterans or others with significant symptoms of PTSD in how to implement the protocol.  For more information about training, click here.

Distribution of the EAT-PTSD Treatment manual to the field at large. For more information about how to obtain the manual, click here.

Adaptation of the EAT-PTSD protocol to be applicable to other groups (e.g., youth with anxiety disorder)  For more information about our current pilot project with youth, click here.

Undertaking a randomized controlled  trial (RCD) of EAT-PTSD.  An RCT is a good standard for evidence-based treatment.  For more information about how one might join this effort, click here.

Providing consultation to field of EAT at large on methodological and assessment issues.  To speak with someone about consultation from our team, click here.

Partnership with Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance to include more racetrack “veterans” in EAT programs throughout the country.