The Man O’ War Project team is comprised of researchers from the Department of Psychiatry at  Columbia University/New York State Psychiatric Institute (Columbia University Irving Medical Center) with expertise in PTSD, assessment, development and testing of psychotherapeutic treatments, working in collaboration with experts in EAT therapy and EAT practitioners.


Yuval Neria, Ph.D.  and Prudence Fisher, Ph.D.  

Research Team Members

John Markowitz, M.D.
Blake Turner, Ph.D. 
Ari Lowell, Ph.D. 
Matt Ryba, Ret. USMC Sergeant OIF/OEF


Drs. Allen and Jane Hamilton
Anne Poulson

Collaborative Groups

Anxiety Disorders Clinic 
Veterans Center
Columbia University Neuroscience Faculty


The Man O’ War Project is grateful to its many supporters, which include:

Earle I. Mack Foundation
The Jockey Club
David and Julia Koch Foundation
Viola Foundation
Nicholson Family Charity Fund
Mary & Daniel Loughran Foundation
Peter M. Brant
Gulfstream Park Racing Association
National Thoroughbred Racing Association
Gerald L. Parsky
Spendthrift Farm
Live Oak Foundation
Meta Aerospace Capital, LTD
Ganek Family Foundation
Reid Family Charitable Fund
Tactical Air Support