Based on our preliminary results and the enthusiasm generated by our veteran participants, the research team and the treatment team, we are extremely optimistic that equine assisted therapy (EAT-PTSD) will be shown to be a safe and promising treatment for veterans with PTSD.

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“As Director of PTSD Program at Columbia Psychiatry, and a veteran myself, I am excited about the Man O’ War Project. Integrating horses into PTSD treatment is innovative and may hold a unique promise to address some of the most debilitating psychological consequence of military trauma.”

Yuval Neria, Ph.D.

“I know a lot of fellow veterans that came home with PTSD and have struggled to readjust to the home front. The Man O’ War Project can help – working with the horses is a valuable asset to help these veterans.”

Sgt. Matt Ryba, USMC (ret.)

“The relationship between human and horse will only grow stronger through this new research, to the benefit of those to whom we owe our freedoms. How can we not be totally committed to the Man O’ War Project.”

John Phillips, President, Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance